Clear mind, torn heart.

Confession #98:

I’m learning how to be happy for someone else and sad for myself at the same time. 

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Confession #97:

The shower is my place to fall apart. 

If I need to have a serious cry… the kind where I can’t breathe properly and my chest aches and I can’t see anything through the tears, I get in the shower. Have done ever since I was a kid.  

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Confession #96:

I feel really disconnected lately.

I can’t work out why and it’s driving me crazy. 

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Confession #95:

I reblog anything I like or anything that I find interesting.

I “like” posts that I want to refer to again at some point.

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Confession #94:

I only realised yesterday what a turn on, voices are to me. 

How someone speaks has always been important to me but as I discovered yesterday, how their voice sounds can grab my attention from across a room… or across 3 checkouts at the supermarket as the case may be. 

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Confession #93:

I’m exhausted. 

I’ve been volunteered, I’ve been guilt-tripped, I’ve been pressured and I’ve been pushed into jobs lately that I don’t want to do. I know they mean well and see it as a favour to me but honestly, it’s not. 

Now, I’m sick and all I keep hearing is that it’s such an inconvenience and how frustrating it is for you

I think it’s time I started realising that once I hit my limit, it’s okay to say no

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Confession #92:

I watch entirely too many chick flicks and relate them to real life.

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Confession #91:

I’m gay. 

I know, shocker. 

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Confession #90:

Talking to a cute girl right before I start gym actually makes me work harder. 

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Confession #89:

Being blogged about is a MAJOR turn on. 

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Confession #88:

I’m a fan of spontaneous trips… but I REALLY hate it when I’m asked out of the blue, when I’m in the middle of something, to do something I don’t like.

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Confession #87:

I’m actually genuinely concerned that my career and where I’ll have to live, will prevent me from ever being able to settle down with someone. 

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Confession #86:

When I’m having trouble saying what I want to say, I really wish I could let someone else into my mind for a few minutes. Then they could just feel it or discover it for themselves and I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to find the words. 

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Confession #85:

I want someone to get to know me well enough that they can read my mood by eyes. 

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Confession #84:

Someday I want to disconnect the phones and lock the front door and spend the entire day, just lazing around and making out with the girl I love.

Totally and completely in our own little world. 

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